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The UCSF Precision Spine and Peripheral Nerve Center does not use the Methylprednisolone Acetate (PF) 80 mg/mL Injection Lot Numbers: 05212012@68, 06292012@26, 08102012@51 by the NEW ENGLAND COMPOUNDING CENTER (NECC) for injections. Please call the UCSF Precision Spine and Peripheral Nerve Center Nurse: (415) 353-3717 with any questions.

Advanced CT-Guided Spinal Treatments

Neuro GroupOur stellar team of medical leaders in radiology, neuroradiology, and biomedical imaging is delighted that many of our patients experience impressive and measurable results in pain reduction after their CT-guided spinal injection treatment at our advanced facility. We take pride in our exceptional, unsurpassed and personalized care that enables patients to engage in physical therapy and return to daily activity.

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Patient-Focused Treatment of Spine & Nerve Ailments

UCSF Spine Imaging Center- Advanced MRI and CT-Guided Treatment of Spine and Nerve AilmentsThe UCSF Precision Spine Center is Northern California's only university medical center to integrate high field MRI and high resolution CT for the diagnosis and treatment of spine and peripheral nerve ailments. Our outstanding team of physicians is recognized for their superb skill and experience in providing breakthrough patient care.

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